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Tuscan Wine Therapy

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Celebrated by grape connoisseurs and applauded by scientists, red wine is certainly one of America’s favorite indulgences. And with good reason- the ruby red elixir is as delightful for the skin as it is the palate. While studies have long indicated that red wine is beneficial for the heart, we’re only recently discovering the immense benefits wine imparts when applied topically. Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant found in high concentrations in grape seeds, stems and skins is easily absorbed by the skin, working its magic to reduce inflammation and slow the oxidation process that often causes the skin to age prematurely. Grapes are also ripe with polyphenols, another potent antioxidant which fortifies the skin.

Rather than creating a collection of products that are wine in name alone, Bella Luccè has raised the bar by creating a range of luscious products that actually incorporate the benefits of red wine. Our Tuscan Wine Therapy Collection is vinotherapy in its most potent form, enriched with red wine powder, red grape seed extract, crushed grape seeds and pure grape seed oil. Taking our cue from the rolling hills of Tuscany, the products also incorporate golden olive oil, Mediterranean honey and real blackberry fibers. Decidedly sophisticated, alluringly sensual, amazingly natural…discover the astounding difference our Tuscan Wine Therapy can make in your skin.

Bacchus Body Oil $25.50
Chianti & Grape Seed Crush $29.50
Mediterranean Wine & Honey Masque $29.50
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