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We’re thrilled to introduce a skillfully collaborated collection of Bella Lucce’s bestsellers, now offered in TSA-friendly sizes tucked inside chic cotton travel bags. Our new Travel Amenity Kits enable you to take your favorite Bella Lucce luxuries for face and body on the road no matter where your travels may take you. Whether you’re off on an adventure by plane, train or automobile, we wish you happy travels!

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Latest Obsession
Inspirational Jewlery from LuluBug

My teenage daughter recently left for a summer service trip to Thailand. I was scouring Etsy for a piece of inspirational jewelry to give her when I stumbled upon LuluBug. I’m smitten with her whimsical, original designs in sterling silver. My Chloe scored a locket that said “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…” but I’ve got my eye on several other pieces as well. Who could resist the “You are my sunshine” necklace?

Ingredient of the Month
Crushed Freshwater Pearls

Crushed Freshwater Pearls: Celebrated by Asian women and ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia for more than 3,000 years, pearl powder has a rich history and a myriad of legendary tales about its use at the Imperial Palace. Created by pulverizing real freshwater pearls, it is reputed to boost skins brightness and is rich in both amino acids and trace minerals.

Find it in: Shiitake & Green Tea Antioxidant Serum, Detoxifying Giinger-Wasabi Masque, Orchid & Crushed Pearl Body Creme

Food For Thought

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma- which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

- Steve Jobs

Home Spa Rituals
Lavender- Honey Milk Bath

3 tbsp. Dried Lavender Flowers*
1 1/2 cups Whole Milk or Buttermilk
1/3 cup Honey

Process lavender flowers in a blender until they become a powder, turning off the blender and scraping down the sides as necessary. Whisk together lavender powder, milk, and honey in a glass bowl, then pour into a jar. Before each use, shake the jar and pour half of the mixture into the bath. Store covered in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Makes enough for 2 baths.

*Dried lavender flowers can be found in the spice section of gourmet and specialty stores. (Recipe courtesy of the National Honey Board)


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The BIGGEST announcement I’ve made in years!

November 8, 2012

I am ridiculously excited to share that I have a new venture in the works! For months now, I’ve been quietly toiling behind the scenes, putting the finishing touches on my small business consulting company. It’s the culmination of my decade in business, bootstrapping my way from single motherhood living in my parent’s spare bedroom to heading up an international bath and body company with products in more than 1,000 stores worldwide. It’s been a phenomenal ride!

Over the last several years, I’ve enjoyed interacting with dozens of creative entrepreneurs who are on their own adventures. I’ve often been asked for private consultations and I decided it was high time to formalize that arrangement and launch a new company aimed at helping other women build their empire by capitalizing on the wisdom I’ve gleaned from climbing my way to the top. Ladies and gentleman, may I present: Lucky Break Consulting.


Lucky Break is your coach, teacher, and swift kick in the bum all rolled into one. Whether you’re developing a new brand or on a quest to transform that spark of success into a full-on solar flare, I bet you lunch and a pedicure that I can help. Envision digital software that crunches costs for you. No more calculators and spreadsheets (hip, hip, hooray!). Fathom, if you will, a tutor you can call and ask your most burning questions about life, love and the pursuit of an empire. Imagine templates for all of those pesky protocols, reports and forms delivered instantly with the click of a button. Hello, employee manual. Lovely to meet you, business plan.

I’ve been doing some intensely awkward happy dances around my home and office as I watch all of the pieces come together. This baby is almost ready for prime-time! I would squee with delight if you’d consider a few things to help me kick off the party:

1. Hop over to the new website and sign yourself up.

I’ll deliver actionable wisdom to your inbox each and every Tuesday morning. From articles and interviews to workshops and checklists, I have so much good stuff up my sleeve that I can barely move my arms. Click here to magically teleported to the Lucky Break website.

2. Like Lucky Break Consulting on Facebook.
That’s where all the cool kids are hanging out and I’d love to welcome you to my burgeoning community. Join us right here.

3. Save this date: Sunday, November 18th at 9pm EST.
I’m kicking things off with a totally free, information-packed call that night. Six Ways to Charm the Pants off the Media will teach you how to build a media kit, share tips for refining your story and reveal my secrets for crafting the perfect pitch. I’ll share a special offer for my private consulting services at some point in the call and follow all that goodness up with a five-page handout with even more resources. I’ll send out call details next week via Lucky Break’s email list, so if you skipped step 1, pop back over to the website and get thee registered.


This is going to be crazy fun and I hope you’ll let me shimmy into your inboxes and earholes. I promise to fill them with uber-helpful goodies to help moguls-in-the-making dream BIG and achieve BIGGER. But don’t worry: Bella Lucce isn’t going anywhere. In fact, my BL team is so tight and fabulous that I now have the freedom to launch this new gig knowing that they’re holding down the Fort of Spa Goodness. They’re amazing that way and I’ll be managing both companies…let the games begin!


printer friendly


I am beyond thrilled to see this new venture launch. All the “moguls in the making” need you, and the market is poised for you to share your special brand of expertise and personality. I’m honored to be among the first to know and, of course, IBN is proud to serve you and your new venture. W00T on you! I’m signed up, fanned up and calendared up for the 18th!


Congratulations on the new company.

How does one sign up for the entirely free call? It sounds awesome!


Thanks ladies!

dM, I can’t wait to cruise to Belize with you and the Indies and speak about crafting successful wholesale programs. If anyone else wants to join the party, here are the details:

AM, call details are going out next week to those on the Lucky Break email list. Anyone can register with just a couple of clicks at I clarified the post to make that more clear…thanks for the heads up!


This is such great news! I’ve been wondering if you would take this route (I could use the guidance from someone who I find inspiration from!) and here you are! Wonderful! Can’t wait for more info.


Look out world! Lela is leading the way for a bandwagon full of entrepreneurs towards success. I’m so proud of you Lela!


Lela, I see your wonderful self in your new venture. So glad you are doing this and you are an inspiration! Thenk you for taking us all down your path! Love you much! Marilyn


Congratulations girlie!!!! This is awesome! I am, as always, truly inspired.


Congrats! You are going to be fabulous at this new venture. I can’t wait to see all the goodness that comes from this. :)

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