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Bella Luccè products and the company behind them are forging a new path in the beauty industry thanks to our decidedly different approach to skincare. We believe:

No one should need a chemistry degree to understand a product label. Rather than filling our bath and body products with the chemical cocktails found in many commercial products, we prefer to take our cue from Mother Nature and utilize the best she has to offer: French and Moroccan clays, pure silk proteins, raw organic honey, organic shea butter, coconut milk, exotic oils, and a dizzying array of botanical extracts. While there are certainly cheaper alternatives, we find no value in cutting costs at the expense of your skin. The entire Bella Luccè collection is paraben-free, silicone-free, petrolatum-free, dye-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free.

Beauty products created by hand offer the highest degree of quality and freshness. All of our creations are hand stirred, hand poured and hand wrapped to create true artisan luxuries. This attention to detail assures that all Bella Luccè products meet our exacting quality standards. We all know that fresh food is healthier for us and the same theory holds true for our skin care. Freshly prepared products are ripe with their natural vitamins and minerals - substances that break down and lose their efficacy when sitting for months on warehouse shelves.

Bella Luccè takes pride in giving back to the communities from which we source ingredients. Since its inception, Bella Luccè has partnered with various charitable organizations, working to alleviate hunger and poverty, provide literacy and skills training, and build character and confidence in people around the world. We regularly feature new charities and donate a percentage of all sales to further their efforts, with a minimum annual donation guaranteed by Bella Luccè. Giving back wasn't an afterthought for our company; it's a concept we built into the foundation, from the very first day. To date, we've shared more than $100,000 in cash donations and product with a handful of incredible organizations who share our values.

We feel a profound connection to nature and honor our obligation to help preserve it. To that end, Bella Luccè uses only recyclable plastic in our product packaging and we encourage our clients to take advantage of recycling facilities in their area. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated, we recycle clean shipping boxes and packaging peanuts. All retail shipments are nestled in Geami paper, a 100% biodegradable, unbleached paper substrate. Bella Luccè product labels are printed on a revolutionary new material made entirely from corn and we actively source certified organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. Bella Luccè is proud to be certified "Carbon Neutral" by TerraPass, purchasing more than 220 metric tons of carbon offset credits since 2008.

There is no need in today's market to test cosmetic formulations on animals. Bella Luccè is strictly opposed to animal testing and we certify that the few ingredients our animal friends do supply (honey and silk) are responsibly sourced. Furthermore, we do not purchase our raw materials from vendors who perform animal testing and we do not commission anyone to perform such tests on our behalf. We are proud to be a certified participant in PETA's Caring Consumer Project, which required both the opening of our purchasing and lab records to PETA and our written commitment to maintain the standards outlined in their program.

A different kind of company making a different kind of product...discover the Bella Luccè difference!


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