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Bella Luccè's collection of innovative body products incorporate some of the most insanely natural, deliciously decadent ingredients from around the globe. Here's just a sampling...

Acacia Flower Extract and Acacia Gum: The acacia tree is a particularly valuable species grown throughout Africa. The bark, root and resin of the tree are used to make incense for rituals as smoke from Acacia bark is thought to keep demons away and put ghosts in a good mood. Both people and elephants enjoy an alcoholic beverage made from the acacia fruit. The sap of the acacia tree can also yield acacia gum, a natural emulsifier and stabilizer appreciated for its inherent anti-inflammatory properties. Even better, the acacia flowers yield an extract that is astringent, moisturizing and soothing. Now that’s what we call a multitasker… Say it: Ah-kay-sha.
Find it in: Argan & Acacia Rich Body Creme, Baobab & Red Tea Naturally Nourishing Shampoo, Mongongo & Shea Nutritive Hair Conditioner

African Shea Butter: Revered for centuries by the women of Africa, shea butter is a renowned skin soother. Obtained from the karite nuts of a tree native to the West African tropics, the supple butter's high concentration of fatty acids gives it the ability to deeply moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin, while also protecting against the damaging effects of the sun. Bella Luccè is proud to use organic shea butter imported from the Ghana in our product collection.
Find it in: Silk & Honey Lotion, Pumpkin Glow Sugar Scrub, Norwegian Oceanic Salt Rub, Moisturizing Body Wash

Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt: Considered a sacred element and traditionally used in cleansing and purifying rituals by Hawaiian natives, this salt is non-processed, leaving it abundant with natural trace minerals. The beautiful red coloring comes from the addition of a small amount of Hawaiian volcanic clay.
Find it in: Cooling Peppermint Foot Soak

Amazonian Acai Berries: The small, brilliantly purple berry of the famed Acai palm tree (native to the Amazonian rainforest) is bursting with essential fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9), vitamin C and polyphenols. Acai components have a beneficial effect on cell repair and regeneration, and lipid balance. Acai berries have been christened the #1 “super food” by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, and recent studies have revealed that acai berries possess 10x the antioxidant level of red grapes. If you’re searching for the most potent weapon in the antioxidant/anti—aging arsenal, look no further than acai.
Find it in: Acai Antioxidant Body Creme, Passionfruit Guava Body Rub

Amazonian White Clay: Imported directly from the Amazonian jungle, this rare clay is incredibly rich in mineral salts that draw toxins to the skin surface. Ripe with in iron, aluminum, potassium, calcium, boron and sulfur, this active clay has been a popular natural geotherapy treatment used by Brazilians for ages.
Find it in: Guavaberry Revitalizing Masque

Argan Oil: Known as "liquid gold” in Morocco, argan oil has been a hallmark of traditional Berber beauty rituals for centuries, while French tourists have been bringing it home for the last several decades. Moroccans slather argan oil onto virtually every square inch of skin and drizzle the culinary variety over salads or dip bread into small bowls of fresh oil. It’s not unusual to see Argan trees full of climbing goats throughout Morocco, as they often scale trees to consume the fruit. Women traditionally express the oil by pounding argan nuts between two rocks to remove the shell. The inner kernel is then ground between two rocks in a handmill known as an Azerg. The resulting paste in hand-kneaded to remove the precious oil. It often takes several days to produce a single liter of this prized oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Say it: Ar-gan. Native to: Morocco.
Find it in: Argan & Acacia Rich Body Creme, Madagascar Vanilla Nilotica Lip Care

Babassu Oil: Extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm, this light yellow oil is indigenous to the Amazon. Applied to the skin, this oil is extremely moisturizing while still retaining a light and non-greasy feel. The melting point of babassu oil closely mirrors the body’s natural temperature. When applied to the skin, it will melt while simultaneously creating a cooling sensation.
Find it in: Acai Antioxidant Body Creme, Hibiscus & Honeysuckle Hair Restoration Treatment, Passionfruit Guava Body Rub

Baobab Oil: The most famous tree in all of Africa, the baobab is nicknamed the “upside down tree” because its branches look like roots sticking up in the air. A myriad of folklore surrounds the baobab: in West Africa, natives believe that spirits inhabit the flowers and lions devour anyone foolish enough to pluck a bloom. In Zambia, it’s considered good luck to wash the seeds in a river as it wards off crocodiles. In Nigeria, the tree is revered as a symbol of fertility and couples marry beneath its branches. The seed of the baobab fruit is pressed to yield a luscious oil celebrated for its ability to quickly absorb and soften skin without clogging pores. Say it: Bow-o-bab. Native to Kenya.
Find it in: Baobab & Red Tea Naturally Nourishing Shampoo, Madgascar Vanilla Nilotica Lip Care

Crushed Freshwater Pearls: Celebrated by Asian women and ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia for more than 3,000 years, pearl powder has a rich history and a myriad of legendary tales about its use at the Imperial Palace. Created by pulverizing real freshwater pearls, it is reputed to boost skins brightness and is rich in both amino acids and trace minerals.
Find it in: Shiitake & Green Tea Antioxidant Serum, Detoxifying Giinger-Wasabi Masque, Orchid & Crushed Pearl Body Creme

Cupuacu Butter: Native to the Amazonian jungle, the cupuacu tree is in the same family as the cocoa tree. It grows to a height of 10 meters and bears seeds which yield this rich, creamy butter. Rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols- unsaponifiables that act at the cellular level regulating the balance and activity of the lipids within the superficial layer of skin.
Find it in: Acai Antioxidant Body Creme, Passionfruit Guava Body Rub

Dark Chocolate & Blueberry Extracts: Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, this innovative extract blend tag-teams everyday environmental damage to slow the aging process and protect the skin from the ravages of sun light and pollutants.

Find it in: Peruvian Cocoa Azul Bliss Creme, Peruvian Cocoa Azul Bubble Bath, Peruvian Cocoa Azul Moisturizing Syrup, Peruvian Cocoa Azul Body Wash

French Argiletz Clays: The rare mineral-rich clays are mined in an exclusive region of France and sun-dried for optimum purity. Bella Luccè uses Arglitez Green (highly detoxifying) and Pink (gently cleansing) in several of our most popular products.
Find it in: Sea Kelp & Green Tea Masque, Strawberries & Cream Masque

French Cocoa Absolute: A delicate extraction of the cocoa bean yields this luscious oil with a swoon-worthy chocolate aroma. Not to be confused with a synthetic fragrance oil, our French Cocoa Absolute is completely natural and deliciously rich.
Find it in: Peruvian Chocolate Bliss Crème, Moisturizing Syrup and Sugar Scrub

Indian Bamboo Powder: A particular female species of bamboo grown in India produces a material called tabasheer in its joints. Tabasheer is naturally rich in silica and has been used traditionally in Indian phytotherapy for its remineralizing properties. A fine powder, it gently sloughs dead cells to reveal healthy, glowing skin.
Find it in: Green Tea & Crushed Rice Scrub

Kokum Butter: The Garcina Indica tree, native to India, yields this creamy butter with super-charged emollient properties. As it melts instantly on the skin, kokum works to reduce the development of wrinkles and restore skins elasticity.
Find it in: Orchid & Crushed Pearl Body Creme, Bamboo & Black Sesame Body Rub

Mango Butter: This ultra-creamy butter, obtained from the mango fruit, softens the skin leaving behind a barrier to help prevent moisture loss. Studies show it's also capable of reducing the degeneration of skin cells while helping to restore flexibility. We say it's positively divine.
Find it in: Cooling Peppermint Foot Crème, Fruit & Crème Bath, South Seas Body Buff

Mongongo Oil: Native to the African savanna, the mongongo is also known as the manketti tree or featherweight. The nuts are a popular component of the African diet and the fruit is boiled to make a sweet, maroon-colored porridge that’s the equivalent of African applesauce. Mongongo oil is highly emollient and protects the skin from environmental damage. The oil is used as a body rub by the !Kung bushmen (click here to read about them- amazingly intriguing) of the Kalahari to cleanse and moisturize their skin. The natural eleostearic acid in the oil reacts rapidly with UV light, producing polymerisation and providing a protective layer against harsh desert sun. Say it: mon-gone-go. Native to Sudan, Chad, Mali, and Niger.
Find it in: Mongongo & Shea Nutritive Hair Conditioner, Avocado & Ootanga Body Scrub

Monoi de Tahiti Oil: Created in French Polynesia, this luscious oil is made by macerating Tiare flowers in pure coconut oil and leaving the mixture to steep for several weeks. The result is a serious skin hydrator with the natural aroma of tropical flowers.
Find it in: South Seas Body Buff, Tahitian Body Glaze

Moringa Oil: Moringa oil was treasured by ancient cultures as a protectant from harsh desert weather and early Egyptians recorded this early wrinkle removal formula: “one part frankincense, one part wax, one part moringa oil.” The oil possesses exceptional oxidative stability, which may explain why ancient Egyptians placed vases of moringa oil in their tombs. Dubbed the “miracle tree”, every part of the moringa can be utilized. It yields both cooking and lighting oil, soil fertilizer, and highly nutritional food stuffs (the leaves, pods, seeds and flowers can all be eaten). Recently, it was discovered that moringa seeds can be crushed into a powder can purify drinking water LINK, which could improve the lives of more than one billion people worldwide who lack daily access to clean water. Talk about a miracle worker! Say it: More-inga. Native to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.
Find it in:
Moringa & Shea Cleansing Bar, Avocado & Ootanga Body Scrub

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay: This super-fine clay comes from deep below the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Utilized for centuries by the ancient people of Rome and Egypt and renowned for its mineral-rich content, Rhassoul deep cleans and detoxifies pores like nothing else can.
Find it in: Sea Kelp & Green Tea Masque, Spiced Pomegranate & Yogurt Detox, Ancient Red Sea Salt Soak

Neem Oil: If Mother Nature christened a superhero in the form of a natural oil, neem would be it. Hailing from a tree of the same name from India and tropical Africa, neem oil has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm and hives. The dark green, pungent oil holds a bevy of benefits: it’s antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiparasitic. Often called the “village pharmacy” neem trees were brought to Africa by Indian settlers, though it has now been naturalized from Mogadishu to Maputo. Interestingly, bats drop the seeds after eating the fruit, facilitating the collection of seeds along the East African coast. Simple hand-operated presses extract the oil, while the leaves are often ground into a potent medicinal powder. Native to: West Africa.

Nilotica Shea Butter: Though most of the shea butter used in cosmetics in the US hails from West Africa, we were delighted to discover this gorgeous East African variety. Softer and creamer than traditional shea, it soothes and nourishes dry, chapped skin while saturating it with an abundance of natural vitamin E. The nuts are gathered by women rebuilding their lives near war-torn Lira, Uganda and the inclusion of this shea butter in Bella Lucce products helps them on the road to financial stability. We’re proud to partner with Bead For Life to bring you this exotic new shea that’s as healing for the soul as it is the skin. Say it: Nile-ah-tica. Native to Uganda.
Find it in: throughout our African Adventures Collection

Ootanga Oil: The Kalahari melon is the biological ancestor of the fruit we commonly recognize as the watermelon. Unlike the traditional sweet, red flesh, Kalahari melon pulp is pale yellow and rather bitter. The melons have long been a vital source of water for the native peoples and it’s said that bushman can survive for 6 weeks in the desert on Kalahari melons alone. Although found all over South Africa, the Kalahari melon is closely associated with Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The real beauty lies in the seeds, which yield a luscious oil known as ootanga, kalahari and watermelon seed oil. This light, penetrating oil absorbs quickly and is highly emollient, making it a valuable addition to our African Adventures range. Say it: Ew-tang-uh. Native to: Namibia.

Orchid Extract: The exotic, delicate flowers aren’t just eye candy. Bella Luccè’s orchid extract harnessed the power of real Cymbidium orchids, which have long been revered for their for reparative and protective properties.
Find it in: Orchid & Crushed Pearl Body Creme

Organic Coffee: A powerful antioxidant, coffee has been shown to increase circulation and impact the fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Bella Luccè is proud to use organic, fair trade coffee from Indonesia and Ethiopia (provided by Pura Vida Coffee) exclusively.
Find it in: Bali Kopi Coffee Scrub, Exotic Date & Wild Honey Buff, Moroccan Lava Cleansing Bar

Organic Hibiscus Extract: Not just another “pretty face”, hibiscus flowers hold a bevy of benefits beneath their brilliantly-colored petals. This tropical flower has been revered by the Chinese for centuries for its ability to stimulate hair growth and battle dandruff. Hibiscus flowers are rich in malic acid and vitamin C and recent studies suggest they may possess antibacterial properties as well. Hibiscus is reported to inhibit elastin degradation, helping to maintain the skin's elasticity.
Find it in: Hibiscus & Honeysuckle Hair Restoration Treatment

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Sometimes referred to as "green gold", cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil is one of the most nutritious oils available today. Abundant in essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and a bevy of vitamins (A, C, and E), the oils has a pleasant nutty aroma and a beautiful orange coloring.
Find it in: Pumpkin Glow Body Scrub

Raspberry Seed Oil: This unique oil is incredibly moisturizing and emollient. Rich in polyphenols, vitamin E and natural antioxidants, it’s rarely seen in the cosmetics market thanks to its exceptionally high cost. The natural oil is also abundant in vitamin A and studies have lamented its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.
Find it in: Wildberry Body Polish

Red Wine: As beneficial for the skin as it is for the heart, red wine is brimming with potent antioxidants, including resveratrol and polyphenols. These key components put the brakes on premature aging by slowing the oxidation of the skin.
Find it in: Chianti & Grape Seed Crush, Mediterranean Wine & Honey Masque

Rooibos Extract: Grown only in a small area in the region of the Western Province of South Africa, rooibos is also known as “red tea.” Though the bush is known to produce small yellow flowers in the spring and early summer, the leaves are harvested in late summer and left to ferment. During this process, some natural components of the red bush are oxidized by enzymes, resulting in the typical red color and flavor of rooibos. It is often brewed into an herbal, caffeine-free tea which is popular throughout Africa. Rooibos is the only known source of the phytochemical aspalathin, which displays potent antioxidant properties. Rooibos also contains quercetin, a substance known to increase serotonin levels for a natural feeling of well-being. We like to call that the “red bush high.” Say it: Roy-bose. Native to: South Africa.

Shiitake & Reishi Mushroom Extracts: In Asian cultures, mushrooms have long been reputed to promote longevity and good health. These two varieties in particular, are prized in Chinese pharmacopoeia for their firming abilities and moisturizing effects. They also serve as a catalyst for cell renewing activities.
Find it in: Orchid & Crushed Pearl Body Creme, Shiitake & Green Tea Antioxidant Serum

Silk Proteins: Silk fibers are secreted by silk worms, who eventually abandon their cozy little cocoons. These cocoons are then treated to create a liquid that contains a potent blend of amino acids, the body’s building blocks used to create proteins. Silk proteins also smooth the skin, temporarily filling fine lines and wrinkles.
Find it in: Silk & Honey Lotion, Multifruit Regenerative Night Creme, Goji Berry Bath Bliss

Strawberry Fruit: Mother Nature gifted strawberries with a multitude of blessings: they abound in vitamin C and antioxidants, along with natural fruit acids. Bella Luccè blends genuine strawberry powder into several of our most delicious formulas; the stunning pink color it lends to our products is the icing on the cake for the age-defying berry treats.
Find it in: Strawberries & Cream Masque, Wildberry Body Polish

Tamanu Oil: A member of the mangosteen family, this exceptional botanical is native to Polynesia and tropical Africa. The extraction process is incredibly unique as the oil isn’t present in fresh fruit, but rather develops as the fruit is dried. Ripe tamanu fruits are gently crushed to crack the shells without harming the inner kernels, which are arranged in thin layers and left to dry for up to 8 weeks in the sun. During that time they develop a dark, rich oil which smells strikingly similar to butter pecan ice cream. Tamanu oil is a favorite of traditional African juju’s (herbalists), and is revered for its healing properties- used for everything from wound care to rheumatism. One tamanu tree yields just 35 pounds of oil per year, making this one of the rarest and most costly of African oils. Say it: Tuh-mon-ew. Native to South Africa.

Virgin Coconut Crème: Creating this deep-conditioning oil, ripe with the natural aroma of fresh coconuts, is no simple feat. The meat of freshly harvested coconuts is shredded and fermented to create creamy coconut milk; 36 hours later, the oil is skimmed from the curds, resulting in this tropical treat. Bella Luccè is proud to use organic virgin coconut crème imported from the Philippines in our product collection.
Find it in: Multifruit Regenerative Face Crème

Wasabi Powder: That dab of green paste on the edge of your sushi plate is a powerful little substance. Brought to you by the root of the Wasabi Japonica plant, wasabi powder is rich in isothiocyanates, which provide antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic, and antimicrobial benefits. It’s the perfect recipe for a deep skin detox.
Find it in: Detoxifying Ginger-Wasabi Masque

Yangu Seed Oil: Also known as the Cape Chestnut, Yangu trees grow along the south and east coast from Swaziland all the way to Ethiopia. When in bloom the entire canopy of the tree turns a beautiful, vivid pink and the seeds are a delicacy for vervet and samango monkeys. The trees have been celebrated for centuries in Africa and Xhosa warriors tie them around their wrists when hunting to bring good luck, as they believe the seeds hold magical powers The seeds yield a phenomenal oil, abundant in natural ultra violet protection with a high content of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Most importantly, the purchase of yangu oil helps limit the current destruction of forests in the Mt. Kenyan region, as the illegal loggers and poachers are encouraged to plant and harvest yangu fruit as an alternative means of income. Say it: Yan-goo. Native to: Kenya.

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