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I often receive calls from courageous women who have decided to begin chasing their dreams by starting their own business venture. They’re often looking for a bit of direction or a tip on how I’ve managed some aspect or another of Bella Luccè.   As a firm believer in “girl power”, I've so enjoyed the opportunity to speak with many of you. The clamor for my consulting services has become so boisterous that I've founded a new boutique consulting firm focused on bath and body consulting, mentoring for beauty entrepreneurs and digitial tools to empower creative entrepreneurs of all stripes. If you'd like to learn more,  I invite you to visit my small business consulting website: Lucky Break Consulting, or give my office a ring at 888.777.9436 for more information. A select number of private consultations are available in-person or via phone and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

In addition, I've been fortunate enough in my journey to have connected with some wonderful people and resources who have helped guide my way.  I encourage you to visit the websites below to find an abundance of quality reading and a wealth of supportive communities, brimming with women who are taking the leap right alongside you.

Start Up Nation is one of the nation's largest online communities dedicated to small business. Join their forums to chat with other entrepreneurs or browse their extensive collection of resources and articles.

Ladies Who Launch is a nationwide network of groovy women that are blazing new trails in the business world. They offer local, short-term incubators to help you get your ideas off the ground, plus a series of nationwide "Ladies Who Launch Live!" events to get you motivated. With this group, it's all about the networking...

SCORE is dedicated to providing free local business counseling (yes free!) from seasoned business veterans. Visit their website for details about that counseling and to browse an array of great articles.

The Indie Business Blog is a fantastic resource and a gold mine of information about building your own business (and the lifestyle you want). From social media tutorials to interviews with emerging entrepreneurs and everything in between, this is an incredibly empowering blog, especially for women.

The American Express Open Forum maintains a collection of phenomenal business articles.  If you can conceive of a business question, they've probably featured an article that addresses it.

Ryan Design Studio offers, hand-down, the best website design and implementation on the planet. They're the clever folks behind our website and chances are they can build you something beautiful, too. They are masters of e-commerce and premium functionality and really nice people to boot.

If you're looking for more information about my particular journey with Bella Luccè, then please feel free to browse these links:

Bella Luccè as featured in The State newspaper, September 2006, with a discussion on juggling family and work, and some of the obstacles my particular company has overcome.

I was honored to co-host an Indie Business Radio show, with guest Christopher Norton (who just-so-happens to be my intellectual property attorney). No matter what industry you're pondering, intellectual property law is a universal concept you'll need to explore. This interview is a nice starting point.

In another episode of Indie Business Radio that I co-hosted, we explored how small business can be valuable corporate citizens and give back to their communities.

I was twice invited to be a featured guest on Bank of America's Small Business Online Community, where I fielded questions from entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. I invite you to review those chats here and here.

The question I hear more often than any other is: "How does one become successful?" In the end, there’s no magic bullet- no one “thing” we’ve ever done that’s made all the difference in the world.  In my experience, any success Bella Lucce has enjoyed is the result of dogged determination and an enormous amount of hard work over the course of several years. And that is truly what it all boils down to: You have to find your inspiration and then pursue it with a relentless passion and absolute zeal. I wish I had a magic wand or some succinct piece of advice that I could offer to guarantee success, but I'm certainly no wizard.

Whatever direction you take, I wish you all the best. Nothing on earth is as exciting as giving birth to your dream and the journey is often entertaining, always exhilarating and certainly worthwhile!

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