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I have used my entire body butter and loved every minute of it.

- Tina Hedges, Executive VP of Jonathan Product and star of Bravo's hit show "Blow Out" (New York, NY)

THANK YOU for providing a paraben-free, organic CHOCOLATE skin care cream. I have been hunting forever (since the company Ojon discontinued theirs) I used the yahoo search engine but still only found you almost by accident and so glad i did. My skin's looking and smelling great , and I get such a lift when I open the bottle. Thanks again so very much I am a customer for life!!

Rachel M. (Norwich, CT)

I'm writing to rave about the multifruit regenerative face creme that I ordered recently. My skin looks and feels so healthy since I started using it, and lately, I've gone makeup-free and been complimented on my radiant complexion! I also love the wine and honey masque sample included with my order, and when I run out of my current cleanser and toner, I plan to make a second order so that I can use Bella Lucce facial products exclusively. Thank you so much for your delightful skin care line...

Lindsay (Ames, Iowa)

Thank you again for the great customer service and fabulous products!

- GM (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Your products are amazing...

- Kelly (Portland, OR)

I used the Cranberry Yuzu Sugar Scrub then passed it on to co-worker after co-worker, I think we are all in love. This is by far the best sugar scrub I have ever used. I loved it and the smell was beyond incredible.

- Minerva, Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX)

Last night we did a "Spa Product Testing Party" here at my house with a group of about 15 women. We had samples out of a variety of products for them to sample, test and rate to help us determine whether we will add them to our product lineup.

We had already decided on carrying your new Norwegian Salt Rub and the Arctic Fresh products - but I had them out anyway for the women to sample and I just wanted to let you know that these 2 products were the ONLY PRODUCTS that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN THERE LOVED! They were raving about them. With all of the other products you had about 1/2 who liked them and 1/2 who didn't for one reason or other (smell, too oily, etc.) BUT with your products EVERYONE loved them and rated them a high 10!!!!!!

- DiAna, Spa Girl Parties (Chicago, IL)

I just wanted to say THANKS! I am loving my skin care line. From the cleanser to the amazing toner....don't ever get rid of that cucumber toner!!!!! I love the scrub too. I had a terrible reaction to another company that made me break out terribly! After using your line for the last month, I've noticed a significant improvement. Sooo gentle and refreshing. Thank you for giving my skin a boost! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

- Jeanene (Bismarck, ND)

I just wanted to let you know that your chocolate face mask was to die for!!!!!! I just made my second order. I just had to write and tell you how amazing this product is, my skin glowed and looked so beautiful!!!! I have been a makeup artist for 14yrs, and I run my own business, and I find your site to be unbelievable! Everything about it, the philosophy and your story. The product was top of the line, and made you feel like you were in a spa resort, the scent smelled good enough to eat and the texture so rich. The result A+ perfection. Also the pumpkin scrub was fabulous; I will never use anything else. The way it lathered up and was so gentle on your skin leaving you moisturized afterwards not red and scraped up like most. I can see why you are so successful. It is perfect. Thank you so much for such a wonderful line, I will be buying so much more…

- Nicole (Perry Hall, MD)

…I also read your newsletter today about eliminating synthetic preservatives in the products and concentrating on organic ingredients! Yay! I think that's wonderful!

-Jen (Chicago, IL)

Seriously, I really love Bella Luccè products.  I have tried a lot of brand name spa products, but Bella Luccè is by far THE BEST!  I love all your sugar scrubs.  Your products made my bath time so much like a ritual and therapeutic but fun and enjoyable, not to mention so good for my skin!

-Akiko (Olympia, WA)

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing skin care line- I love it! Our clients and staff are really enjoying it as well. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a personal relationship with the person behind the product.

-Ingrid, Bella Soul Spa (Mt. Vernon, WA)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bella Luccè for being wonderful. Customer Service is hard to find these days but you guys excel in that arena. You most certainly have a customer for life!

-Kathleen (Severn, MD)

My clients LOVE the chocolate treatments, and the body scrubs!!! And the overnight footcream is also something they love. And when I explain about freshness and purity they go nuts. ...Just wanted to tell you…we love Bella Luccè!

-Linda (Oslo, Norway)

I just wanted to let you know that I love your products.  It's refreshing to find a company that shares their good fortune by giving back.   I gave a lotion to a group of my lady friends as a thank you.  I just put the lotions in a pile on the bed and we all sampled until everyone got what they wanted.  It was great fun. I can't wait to see the new items for the holidays.

-Cindi (Dayton, OH)

I tried the Cranberry Yuzu Scrub and it was incredible.  I absolutely adore the fragrance and the results were amazing.  I test drove it on my forearm before using it in the shower.  My skin felt so smooth and the fragrance is amazing.  I followed up with the cream afterwards and slept like a baby!  The best I've ever tried!

-Bridget (Indianapolis, IN)

I was thrilled when I found Bella Luccè a few months ago.  I dislike using skin care which incorporates chemicals.  It is wonderful to find such a luxurious alternative to traditional products.  I suffer from psoriasis and I try to use only natural skin care.  Bella Luccè fills this need beautifully.  I am excited to have found a company, who shares my passion for pure, nature derived products.  In my mind, there is nothing more pampering than immersing one's self in fresh, fragrant ingredients. Your Honey Drizzle is divine and your Green Tea and Rice Scrub is Exquisite.  I am very much looking forward to trying all of your products soon.

- Nancy (Santa Ana, NY)

The Strawberries and Crème mask is my favorite mask of all time (and this is coming from someone who hardly ever used masks before because I felt they did nothing for me).  I love the way it makes my skin feel soft and supple after I use it, I love the way it smells while I use it too.  Whenever anybody asks for recommendations from Bella Luccè, that is always top on my list no matter what.  I think it's ingenious that it comes in powder form.  Not only do I feel like it can stay fresh until I want to use it, but I can mix it with whatever I need to according to how my skin is acting that week. Two thumbs up!

- Judi (California)

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the customer service I received today.  I called with a specific question about the donation made to Red Cross.  The lady I spoke was very kind and knowledgeable but wasn't sure if she had the right answer.  Lela called me back within a few minutes.  I have never had such customer service.  Usually someone forgets to call you back.  I have never ordered before and had a few questions not be familiar with the Bella Lucce products.  Lela was so honest and helpful.  She answered many questions patiently and helped steer me in the direction to the products  best suited to me.  I always hesitate when ordering from a new company, but thanks to great customer service, I had no hesitations ordering from Bella Luccè!  I know the products will be as great as the customer service.

-Karen (Houston, TX)

This is to let you know I LOVE Bella Luccè products.  I have tried the strawberry mask, bali coffee scrub, peppermint foot products, and chocolate products.  I give my 84 year old mother… pedicures with the chocolate.  She loves chocolate and cannot have much due to her diabetes, so I find her a good sugar free chocolate for her to enjoy while I indulge her feet.  My sister "borrowed" the peppermint products, and my 23 year old son borrows my coffee scrub. 

- Kimberley (Raleigh, NC)

Just take a look at my shopping record with you...I love your products. My favorite scent is the coconut lemongrass...it’s fresh and sensual.  I have sensitive skin and am happy to have found creamy scrubs made with sugar (as opposed to the oil and salt scrubs that are so popular)…they work wonders and yet don’t leave me red and blotchy!!  I work in television commercials, and it often proves that at the end of a long stressful day, the highlight ends up being a good soak in the tub with your manuka honey drizzle...followed by a generous dose of coconut lemongrass mousse to extend the experience.

Mostly I love your personal buzz column...it reminds me that we are all very much alike...working women with responsibilities, dreams, children and chores too! Your generosity to various charities proves that you can have a thriving business without sacrificing your ethics!  You once forgot to send an out of stock product with my order and when I e-mailed you, you sent the order times two!!! Thank you for making us feel like your friends!!

-Leslie (Valley Village, CA)

One particular product I love is the Honey Drizzle -- it is AMAZING. I am a bath fanatic and have always loved trying new products to enhance my little "ritual". When I injured my back last year I began taking baths even more frequently, so it became that much more important for me to find products that were unique, soothing, and simply made me feel good. The Honey Drizzle is all three! It is like nothing I have ever used before.  It makes the water silky -- not greasy, not oily, not too foamy (not every bath needs to be a bubble bath, after all) -- and as I sink in and inhale the delicious citrus essential oils, I feel transformed.  I love that it comes with a real honey "drizzler", and I was truly sad when I got down to the last drops of that very generous tub! 

-Erin (Arlington, VA)

I absolutely LOVE the signature treatments from Bella Luccè.  My customers love the way their skin feels after their treatments and the smell, you could just eat it.  I have been extremely pleased with ALL of the Bella Luccè products I have purchased.  And just as important is the customer service.  Just when I thought customer service no longer existed along came Bella Luccè.  I was pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the staff so much that I bragged about it to friends and family when initially opening my account.  I have received NOTHING less than excellent customer service and high quality products.  I look forward to a continued relationship with Bella Luccè as my business continues to grow.

- Michelle, Epiphany Wellness (Temple Hills, MD)

I first tried the Coconut Lemongrass Lotion at a spa in downtown Chicago. I own a massage and body care studio and have been looking for fun products for my shop. After trying CL lotion on myself and in my massages, I ordered several items from the body care line. My current favorite is hard to decide on! I love all the Scrubs and I am now featuring 4 new scrub products in my body care services, including the Cranberry Yuzu Scrub, Green Tea with Crushed Rice Scrub, Bali Kopi Coffee Scrub and now a seasonal Pumpkin Glow! I got my first order a month ago and my spa coworkers love all the products. I placed another order within the first week. I have been so impressed with the fact that Bella Luccè’s owner, Lela, answered the phone and took my order! I never felt rushed and she was very generous with her time. Plus as a former advertising and graphics professional I love her promotional products and online help for distributors! My clients love the fact that the products are organic as well. I cannot say enough about the yummy fragrances and luxurious feel of all the scrubs and lotions. This company and its innovative products have really filled a need for a fun, organic body and skin care line in the spa industry.

- Robin, Body + Soul Retreat (Elmhurst, IL)

I have enjoyed Bella Luccè products ever since I found the website. 
Here's how I did, just in case I never told you: I have mild Rosacea and had a wonderful sea kelp and green tea masque at a great spa in Costa Mesa, CA to specifically address that condition.  I felt great during, and looked fabulous after the treatment, but the facial cost $100 - not an amount that I could afford weekly.

So I went on the internet to find the combination sea kelp and green tea masque - Bella Luccè came up as a distributor of the product.  I read your product information and your philosophy and was very impressed.  I ordered the masque and was thrilled when it showed up right away with samples of other products - always a favorite treat. I loved the masque immediately, have ordered many refills, tried other products with great success and have recommended Bella Luccè to everyone.  I've received many compliments on my skin and am sure I owe a lot of the credit to your products.  I buy for myself, my friends, for presents and for Christmas stocking stuffers. Keep up the wonderful work!

- Barbara (Huntington Beach, CA) - our very first internet customer from way back in 2003!

We extend a special word of appreciation to our loyal clients who have graciously shared their thoughts about the Bella Luccè product range. Do you have a rave to share? Email us at concierge@bellalucce.com

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