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Arabian Odyssey Travel Luxuries

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At Bella Lucce, we don't believe you need a passport to travel the world. That's precisely why we've created mini versions of our best-selling Arabian Odyssey Collection favorites for you to enjoy, whether you're at home, in the air or on the road. Bella Luccè invites you to join us on an Arabian Odyssey through ancient lands steeped in thousand of years of tradition and legend.  Our founder traveled to Arabia six times over the course of two years in preparation for the launch of these amazing products.  She pursed the culture, customs and ingredients that make this region one of the most intriguing on earth, especially for Bella Lucce's discerning clients.

Each artisan creation is brimming with indigenous ingredients: sweet almond, pomegranate and olive oils; red sandalwood, vanilla bean fibers, Moroccan lava clay, date sugar, fig extract and Dead Sea mud.  Scented with Sandalwood Vanilla, a sexy, sophisticated fragrance that appeals universally to both men and women, this decidedly sensual aroma is instantly addictive.  Freshen up hotel linens with a spritz of linen mist, banish dull skin with our decadent body scrub, nourish and condition with a luxurious body creme, cleanse with our handmade soap and enjoy a soothing massage with a botanical massage oil. Tired hotel amenities have nothing on us...

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Moroccan Lava Cleansing Bar
Desert Oasis Body & Linen Mist

We invite you to customize your Arabian Odyssey Travel Luxuries kit by selecting a print for your super-cute travel bag. Never fear: once you've depleted the supplies in your kit, you can always order more in the standard sizes to use as refills and the bag makes a fantastic jewelry carrier- fill it with baubles, pull tight and toss in your luggage.  Happy travels!

Your Arabian Odyssey Travel Luxuries kit include:

Moroccan Lava Cleansing Bar (21 grams, .75 ounces)

Desert Oasis Body & Linen Mist (65 ml, 2.2 fl ounces)

Moroccan Incense Massage Oil (65 ml, 2.2 fl ounces)

Exotic Date & Wild Honey Buff (60 grams, 2.1 ounces)

Nourishing Sandalwood & Almond Crème (62 grams, 2.2 ounces)

Each product is offered in TSA-approved sizes, so there's no need to slip your travel kit into checked baggage.

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  • Certified 100% phthalate-free.
  • Made with organic, fair-trade coffee from Pura Vida.
  • This product uses only natural hydrosols, absolutes and/or essential oils to create its distinctive aroma.
  • Made with organic shea butter from West Africa.
  • Our product packaging is recyclable. Please check with your local recycling center to confirm availability of recycling options. All Bella Luccè product labels are printed on a compostable material made from corn, rather than the typical petroleum-derived substrates.
  • This product is produced in our carbon-balanced facility, which is audited annually by TerraPass.
  • All of our products are created by hand in America using artisanal methods.
  • Bella Luccè never tests any of it products on animals and our product collection is certified "cruelty free" by PETA.
  • Your product selections from Bella Luccè will be shipped directly to you using either kraft paper or Geami, both eco-friendly alternatives to shipping peanuts.
  • This product incorporates natural botanical extracts.
  • The unique color of this product is the result of natural botanicals (fruit, flowers, vegetables or clays) rather than artificial colorants. The entire Bella Lucce collection is free from FD&C colorants.
  • This gift set is offered in an eco-friendly cotton gift wrap that can be repurposed and reused dozens of times.
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