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A Letter from Lela

Home - A Letter from Lela
In the early days of Bella Luccè, fanciful thoughts of France and movie stars were the furthest things from my mind; as a single mother, I was focused on finding away to support my children that would allow me to be home with them during the day.

Years earlier, when doctors discovered a tumor (which we later determined was benign) in my sister’s breast, I had been horrified to learn of links between irritants and carcinogens found in skin care products. No sooner had I emptied my cabinets than I set to the task of blending my own, more natural products for my loved ones to enjoy. And enjoy they did…during the next few holiday seasons, family and friends clamored for the bath and body treats I concocted in my kitchen. After filing for divorce, I realized that I needed a way to provide for my family that allowed me the flexibility I desperately needed as a single mother. So I set my sights on a new mission: turning my hobby into a skincare company, building it from the ground up.

With no formal business training and less than $500 in start-up capital, I commandeered nearly every inch of my 800 square foot house for the research and development of my naturally-focused skincare line. Approximately six months later, in the fall of 2003, the first 18 products made their debut. Since that time, Bella Luccè has experienced amazing growth. The collection now features more than 100 innovative products, with extensive facial, body and pedicure ranges featured in famed spas and chic boutiques around the world, in more than 700 locations. Bella Luccè products were included in the celebrity gift baskets at the Billboard Music Awards, selected by the producers of the 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards for inclusion in their exclusive celebrity gift collection and given to VIP’s at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. They've taken me to exotic locales around the world, from Jordan To Uganda and Italy to Thailand as I source new ingredients and visit many of our clients around the globe.

Happily remarried to my high school sweetheart, with whom I reunited after more than a decade, I relish my role as a Lego-castle building, grilled cheesemaking, yoga-practicing mommy who spends her days blending irresistible spa treats at the Bella Luccè production facility that’s just a few miles from my South Carolina home. I appreciate the opportunity to model spunk, perseverance, and the value of believing in your own potential for my daughters, who are often found helping out our production facility.

I am eternally grateful to those who have joined and supported me on this journey and to the loyal clients who enjoy the products that personify my company. My wish is that every woman on the planet can come to know her own version of success and truly appreciate the body and mind she’s been blessed with…and that Bella Luccè can play a small part in that.

Thank you for being a part of our family.

Lela Rain Barker
founder & creative director
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